Scott Perry

Stoic Guitarist, Teacher, & Fellow Traveler

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Scott Perry & Alan Graf Online Concert

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Watch Scott and Alan live on May 21st at 5 PM wherever you are and replay your favorites anytime! Set will include v...

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Valentines Concert Replay

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   Set List L.O.V.E. Autumn Leaves Coquette Caravan Centerpiece Hazel Eyes I Can't Give You Anyth...

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Vintage Blues Guitar & Other Related Stuff

Vintage Blues Guitar

I celebrate and recreate American music inspired by vintage blues, including jazz, honky tonk and rock & roll. I also perform original songs that capture the "old school" sound of the recognized masters of those genres. 

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Guided Guitar Lessons

As a life-long a professional musician and teacher, I've helped hundreds of guitarists along their musician's journey. My teaching philosophy is pretty simple - "Those who can do, those who think others can too, teach." 

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The Stoic Guitarist

Living a creative life with purpose and integrity is challenging and rewarding. As a professional musician and teacher, I've dedicated myself to discovering, cultivating, and sharing my artistic voice and helping others do the same.

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What's New?

I appeared at the Online Guitar Summit alongside Tommy Emmanuel, Frank Vignola, John Jorgenson and many more great guitarists and teachers. Here's the video!


My New EP - A Little Jazzy

Acoustic jazz guitar with a distinctive reso-phonic sound and a vintage blues vibe that swings like a hot club band. Features two original songs; the minor keyed Hazel Eyes features a latin groove and Monkfish Blues, Scott's tribute to Thelonius Monk.

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8 Miles to Perryville

Genuine traditional and original acoustic blues and roots music resound from Scott Perry's National Reso-phonic guitar. Scott's songbook draws from traditional blues, ragtime, Tin Pan Alley, old time, jazz and mountain guitar, along with original songs in these traditions. An old-school sound that resonates today

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